About Us

“World Class. It’s in our nature.”

The Noosa Shire as a region is distinct from other, more developed urban areas and has achieved global recognition for the high values of its natural environment.

In 2007, this exceptionalism was internationally recognised with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) consenting to the designation of our Shire as the Noosa Biosphere Reserve under its Man and the Biosphere program (MaB).

Our ambition to achieve national and international recognition for the special relationship between Noosa’s environment and its community has been recognised.

Generally, biosphere reserves will have at least three objectives:

  • conservation – in terms of genetic resources, species and ecosystems
  • sustainable development – economic, environmental, human and cultural
  • learning – research, monitoring, environmental education and training.

Since 2007, the Shire has seen a number of iterations in the way the UNESCO designation has been managed, primarily because of amalgamation with and then, de-amalgamation from, the Sunshine Coast Council.

In 2014 / 2015 the new Noosa Council entrusted the “Idea” of the Biosphere Reserve and its associated Intellectual Property to a newly formed Foundation to manage, nurture and enhance Noosa’s special relationship with its environment over the long term.


Our Trademark

The trademark “Noosa Biosphere Reserve” is a registered Trademark owned by the Noosa Council; used by the Foundation under license.

The Foundation has been entrusted with the opportunity to use the designation as an integral part of the armoury available to Noosa to reinforce its world class reputation as an environmental success story.


A Scorecard

“Measure what you care about; care about what you measure”

The Foundation is currently researching world’s best practice on how to develop a set of measures that can help our community focus on what is important in our relationship with the environment and how then can we make a difference in terms of

  • Maintaining and improving our biodiversity; and
  • Living sustainably within our environment.


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