Noosa Biosphere

The Noosa Biosphere Reserve is the first in Queensland and covers approximately 150,000 hectares of freshwater/tidal and terrestrial areas.

The second biosphere reserve in Queensland is Great Sandy Biosphere Reserve. Both local biospheres have a close working and planning relationship.


The Noosa Biosphere Reserve has a rich biodiversity:

  • more than 300 bird species accounting for almost half Australia’s total bird varieties;
  • 60 distinct ecosystems;
  • some 1300 plant species including Noosa’s floral symbol Key’s Boronia, endemic to Cooloola;
  • a species-rich lakes and river system that one researcher of Noosa’s fishing history says was ‘phenomenally productive’ in the past;
  • unique landscapes with massive sand-blows; and
  • an ocean corridor important to mega marine fauna such as the 18,000 annual humpback whale migration, some resting with their calves in the region’s bay on their journey south.
  • Thirty-five per cent of its area is protected in national parks, conservation parks, State forests, lakes and systems.


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