Noosa Biosphere Reserve Grant Scheme

In July 2015, the Foundation called for 'Big ideas' to futher Noosa's conservation and environmental standing. Many of these projects are now underway. Eligible groups may still lodge an expression of interest for grants.

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Over the past half century or more the Noosa community has fought for high environmental standards in the shire’s natural and built environments. UNESCO acknowledged its successes when Noosa Shire and its coastal waters were designated a biosphere reserve. Now the Foundation wants more done for the environment, and we’re looking to the community again for significant ideas and projects.

We want proposals that will reduce environmental impacts, ensure sustainability, and enhance Noosa’s environmental credentials. They could be improvements to the way things are done in the region, or to fix problems created in the past, and we hope the broad Noosa community will be the engine room for these big ideas.

Our aim is to enhance Noosa’s reputation as a place where people care deeply about where and how they live and are prepared to do something about it. Everyone will benefit. There will be the satisfaction that comes with improving the place we all love and want to protect and nurture. For many businesses here, the environment is an essential resource and an important marketing tool that will become even more valuable for them and their suppliers, stimulating the local economy. And we hope there will be the opportunity for residents to be actively involved with projects.

We have triple bottom-line aspirations – enhance the environment, realise the shire’s economic potential and engage the community.

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