Pandanus Preservation Project

Protecting Noosa’s iconic Pandanus palm and coastal biodiversity from widespread cases of dieback.

Project Purpose

The project aims to halt the widespread cases of Pandanus dieback caused by leaf hopperJamella australiae, using proven biological control and mitigation methods.

This will involve translocation of the natural predator of the leafhopper, parasitoid wasps, plus leaf stripping and targeted chemical control. Stakeholder and community education is a fundamental part of the project.

This effectiveness of this work headed by Joel Fostin is well documented and will significantly protect and improve the health and survival rates of pandanus palms in Noosa, an iconic natural asset.

Education and collaboration with community groups and strategic partners including Noosa Council, QPWS, The University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Museum, CSIRO, Noosa bush care, indigenous and conservation groups, NPA, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries are pivotal to the project.

Proponent: Peregian Beach Community Association, Inc


This is project was completed in June 2018. The final report is available to download here.


  • Cash & in-kind contribution: $50,000
  • Funding from NBR Foundation: $20,000
  • Project value: $70,000


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