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CleanTech Forum ignites conversation

CleanTech Forum ignites conversation

We were thrilled to participate in Noosa’s inaugural FWD ClimateTech Forum on 7 March 2024. The event was hosted by Silicon Coast in partnership with Noosa Council.
The half-day event brought together Noosa’s burgeoning climate tech community – industry leaders, investors, business, community groups, start-up entrepreneurs, eco-system builders and UNESCO youth representatives.
The forum was about unpacking the climate tech industry in the Noosa and Sunshine Coast region: what is here now, how can we work together as a community to get the best outcomes, and to connect the industry and share knowledge.
This was the birthplace of groundbreaking ideas and technologies that will shape the region’s green future.
“The next 1,000 unicorns won’t be search engines or social media companies, they’ll be sustainable, scalable innovators – startups that help the world decarbonise and make the energy transition affordable for all consumers.” – Larry Fink, CEO BlackRock Inc


Visionary, Creel Price lead the line-up with his keynote speech, in what was an illuminating exploration of environmental technology and innovation.
Our Program Manager, Garry Hamilton joined the panel. His key takeaways were:
  • Our biosphere reserve region has a proposed collaborative effort with our First Nations partners, Sunshine Coast and Great Sandy Biospheres for Fire Tech.
  • We look to our Traditional Owners and what they can teach us about managing the environment.
  • By using new tech and collaborating with our partners and First Nations and many volunteer communities, we can showcase this approach on a global scale to show how we can make change for future generations.
  • The youth are key – how we empower and encourage them to use the tools (technology, information, data) to protect our ecosystems and our planet. Climate tech is a gateway for that.

Full agenda:

⚡ What is Climate Tech and Could it be Our Region’s Super Power? Speaker: Charlotte Connell, Greenhouse
⚡ Keynote: The Power of Community to Accelerate Solutions: Learning from Sydney’s Newest Hub for Climate Tech Innovation Speaker: Creel Price, Greenhouse/Investible
⚡ Panel 1: Creating a Green Innovation Ecosystem in Noosa
⚡ Impact Journey Showcase: Surprising Climate Tech Solutions
Hear from Noosa & Sunshine Coast climate tech founders who are building forward-thinking products and solutions that tackle a climate or environment challenge.
⚡ Panel 2: Investing in Climate Tech. An informal panel session with leading QLD investors and venture capitalists about the unprecedented opportunity of this sector.
⚡ Panel 3: The Living Lab: Combining Traditional Knowledge with Modern Technology. How do we harness traditional knowledge and modern tech to advance environmental monitoring and trialing of breakthrough climate tech solutions?