Noosa Biosphere Reserve - A celebration of community and environment.

Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation

We celebrate our biosphere reserve status by engaging, inspiring, and facilitating partners and community to promote a balance between people and nature.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, established by Noosa Council (2015), to progress the global aims of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme in the Noosa Biosphere Reserve (the Noosa Shire).

Our vision

Happy, healthy, thriving communities

Our vision is for the Noosa Biosphere Reserve to be increasingly valued as living proof that, by respecting Country and people living in harmony with nature, we inspire happy, healthy, thriving communities.

Our priorities

We’re committed to these core pillars

Biosphere Values

Liveable, happy, healthy.

Through culture, education, research, communication.

Thriving Nature

Sustainable use.

Through conservation, regeneration, zero emissions, science.

Smart Economy

Innovative and green.

By fostering a green economy, circularity, talent, technology.

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What we do

How do we achieve all this?

As Noosa’s ambassador for our UNESCO biosphere reserve status, we are an enabling organisation. We inspire and facilitate new research, education and activities that enhance biodiversity and promotes sustainable practices in the Noosa region.

The Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation works to provide decision-makers with a sound evidence-base for development decisions, ensuring we continue to protect those natural systems while meeting other community aspirations for economic and social development.

We activate our purpose by:

  • Collaborating with community groups and stakeholders
  • Enabling projects to better understand common and threatened species
  • Attract sustainable investment to maximise project viability and outcomes
  • Positively influence planning and management decisions with science
  • Undertaking academic research collaborations with internationally recognised institutes

Do Good

Our Directors collectively guide the strategic direction of the Foundation and its alignment to the UNESCO MAB objectives.