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Noosa Biosphere Reserve

For Business

Businesses in the Noosa Shire have a unique opportunity to not only prosper but also to play a vital role in preserving the rich environment that surrounds us and contributes to our thriving local economy.

Why choose sustainable practices?

Embracing sustainability isn’t just about being environmentally conscious; it’s about future-proofing your business while making a positive impact on the planet— and our Noosa Biosphere. By adopting sustainable practices in your business operations, you not only reduce your ecological footprint but also enhance your brand reputation, remain competitive, save money and increase profit , and foster a culture of responsibility within your business.

Business benefits

How can businesses in the Noosa Biosphere embrace sustainability?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Implement waste reduction strategies such as minimising single-use plastics, recycling materials, and investing in composting programs. Learn how you can trade, exchange or sell your unwanted waste with the ASPIRE program, free to Noosa small businesses.

Energy Efficiency: Explore renewable energy options such as solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and LED lighting to reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. Conduct energy audits to identify areas for improvement and set ambitious goals for reducing energy usage. Reach out to EcoBiz or Noosa Council’s free sustainability advisors.

Support Local: Partner with local farmers, artisans, and suppliers to source ingredients, products, and services locally, reducing transportation emissions and supporting the regional economy. Prioritise suppliers who share your commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices. Find ways to buy local.

Engage Employees: Foster a culture of sustainability among your employees by providing training and educational resources on environmental conservation, organising volunteer opportunities in the community, and incentivizing eco-friendly behaviors such as carpooling or biking to work.

Embrace Innovation: Embrace innovative technologies and practices that minimise environmental impact, such as water-saving irrigation systems, solar panels, paper-free workplaces and sustainable packaging solutions. Stay informed about the latest advancements in sustainability and be willing to invest in solutions that align with your business values.

Community Engagement: Actively engage with the local community and participate in conservation initiatives, beach cleanups, and environmental education programs. Demonstrate your commitment to the Noosa Biosphere and inspire others to join you in preserving our precious biosphere reserve!

Learn how your business can have a positive impact.

Businesses play an important role in supporting sustainable development and thriving local economies.

Business Sustainability

Find out more about the Noosa Biosphere Awards for businesses

The 4th Annual Noosa Biosphere Awards opens for nominations this September. Now is a perfect time to ramp up your business sustainability or individual efforts in the field, to be recognised as a sustainability warrior in the Noosa Shire! Learn more about the Awards and selection criteria below.

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