Noosa Biosphere Reserve - A celebration of community and environment.

Noosa Biosphere Reserve

For Visitors

Noosa welcomes thousands of visitors each year. Whether you are here for a day, a week, or longer, there are ways you can support our Noosa Biosphere values during your stay.

Embracing responsible travel entails more than just treading lightly; it embodies a commitment to minimising your ecological footprint, respecting community etiquette, and safeguarding the natural beauty of our ecosystems.

Why does it matter?

People visit Noosa to enjoy the natural environment; to reconnect with nature, relax and recharge in a place brimming with pristine nature.

If we fail to respect the delicate balance of our natural environment, we jeopardise the very essence that makes Noosa extraordinary and different to other destinations.

Each footstep we take within the Noosa Biosphere holds the potential to either preserve or diminish its beauty and biodiversity.

By embracing responsible travel practices, we protect the essence of Noosa that draws visitors from far and wide. It’s a collective moral imperative to act as conscious stewards of our precious ecosystem, so that you, your family and future generations can continue to enjoy Noosa as it is today.

Our place, Noosa

How can you travel responsibly?

Some of the ways you can travel responsibly in the Noosa Biosphere include:

Consume consciously: go plastic-free and reduce landfill

Recycle and dispose of rubbish in the right bins

Enjoy public transport, walking or cycling over car travel

Adhere to no-go areas and stick to pathways

Respect our wildlife and their environment

Talk to your friends and family about the Noosa Biosphere Reserve

Learn more about sustainable travel ideas in the Noosa Shire.

When you’re here, you’re one of our many caretakers. How you treat the land, water, air and wildlife has an impact. How you holiday here, matters.

By making small changes to how you travel, we can all contribute to conserving the Noosa Biosphere and respecting our natural systems.

If we embrace our moral responsibility to protect the resources that make our community special, they’ll be here for generations to come. We all have a role to play!

Support our mission.

Donate to the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation to support the work we do day in and day out to maintain our UNESCO status.