Noosa Biosphere Reserve - A celebration of community and environment.

Jarrah Small

Noosa Biosphere Award Winner 2022 (Young Eco Leader)

On a mission to protect Wildlife and the Environment, 14 year old Jarrah Small is an award winning Conservationist and Environmental Educator from Noosa. Growing up surrounded by nature, surfing and with a love of the Ocean, Jarrah has been keeping beaches and coastal regions free from rubbish since the age of six.

Jarrah is dedicated to educating and inspiring others to follow in her footsteps and does this through social media, public speaking, and community engagement. Jarrah has recorded and picked up over 20,000 pieces of plastic pollution and rubbish from the environment and aims to continue to grow that number.

Always there for wildlife, Jarrah’s love for conservation is further extended, where she actively rescues and assists in rescuing sick and injured native fauna. Dedicated to conservation and wildlife protection, Jarrah is always learning, attending conferences and events where she aims to continue to grow and develop her knowledge of conservation and environmental education.