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Three-year Funding Agreement for Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation

Three-year Funding Agreement for Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation

Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation and Noosa Council have agreed on a new three-year funding arrangement in order to continue the work under the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program.

The new funding arrangements enable the Foundation to focus its agenda on supporting science-based projects that will have long-term benefits for Noosa.

Deputy Chair, Clare Cartwright says it is a welcome evolution for the organisation and its relationship with Council and the community.

“We are delighted to continue playing our part in the bigger agenda for a sustainable and prosperous Noosa.

“Our focus will be on fundraising excellence to continue the 3:1 return for ratepayers on projects we support.”

In the preceding three-year term, the NBRF has supported 13 conservation and socio-economic projects valued at over $2.7 million from an investment of around $900,000 by Council environment levy funds.

Projects have involved joint partnerships with multiple stakeholder groups, scientists and universities attracting additional co-investment to the region.

Some of the projects have included:

Expanding our evidence-based knowledge about koala distribution, genetics and disease which is now informing Council planning and further research through the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Remediation work in the upper Kin Kin catchment to support critical soil, water and vegetation systems and identification of geomorphic changes.

Re-establishment and restoration of resilient aquatic ecosystems and habitat in the Noosa Estuary, River and Lakes system.

Protecting Noosa’s iconic Pandanus palm and coastal biodiversity from widespread cases of dieback.

As part of the new relationship, Council will take on the responsibility as manager of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve with the NBRF focusing its agenda on supporting science-backed projects in collaboration with the community and other stakeholders.

“Under the new arrangements, our process for seeking funding approval from Council for projects that support key priority areas will change as we will champion projects to Council as well as other funding sources.”

“This is a timely review as the Foundation has now finalised its formal 10-year periodic review to UNESCO and prepares to launch its Noosa Biosphere Strategy for the next 10 years,” explained Ms Cartwright.

“We are confident that focusing our expertise in strategic project support will have a greater positive impact on our biosphere reserve community and we look forward to starting our new agenda for the next three to ten years.”


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