Marine Species Protection Symposium

Developing Noosa’s preferred trial of shark control measures in the Noosa Biosphere Reserve

Following the release of the Queensland Shark Control Program: A review of alternative approaches (the Cardno Report), the Queensland Government Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is conducting trials of non-lethal shark mitigation technologies across the State.

The objective of the Marine Species Protection Symposium was to develop a preferred trial of shark control measures in the Noosa Biosphere Reserve to submit to The Queensland Government, and to further identify potential research projects to ensure the protection of marine species in the Noosa Biosphere Reserve.


  • Stage 1: A one-day symposium hosted by NBRF to identify key priority areas by marine species stakeholders, and to seek input for a prioritised list of actions to implement a marine species protection program trial in Noosa. (May 2021)
  • Stage 2: NBRF collates the prioritised list of actions and draft scope for trial and circulates to stakeholders for review (June 2021)
  • Stage 3: Work with government to implement recommendations of the Symposium. Seek stakeholder feedback. (September 2021)
  • Stage 4: Set timeline for trial roll out. (October 2021)
  • Stage 5: Trial commences. (To be determined)


The outcomes of this Symposium were:

  • A report for Noosa’s preferred trial of shark control measures was submitted to The Queensland Government in July 2021.
  • We are awaiting recommendations from the State Government Scientific Panel.