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Biodiversity in the Noosa River

Project Overview

An Assessment of Prawn and Estuarine Biodiversity Recovery.

The Noosa River and Lakes system and Laguna Bay were once teeming with marine life, however the Noosa River lower estuary and river mouth has changed extensively through human activity. A current lack of knowledge of estuarine health and biodiversity levels in the Noosa estuary hinders our ability to detect declines and limits effective estuarine management.

The Biodiversity in the Noosa River project aims to study the benthic layer and river biodiversity to assess the viability of restoring prawn stocks in the Noosa River and Lakes.

The Biodiversity in the Noosa River project is the third component of the broader Bring Back the Fish research program, a joint initiative of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation, Noosa Parks Association and The Thomas Foundation. Bring Back the Fish aims to progressively re-establish and restore resilient natural aquatic ecosystems in the Noosa Estuary, River and Lakes system through three key priorities: Biodiversity in the Noosa River, Noosa Oyster Reef Restoration Trial and Keeping it in Kin Kin.

Long-term, the outcomes sought are a considered balance between marine biodiversity recovery and sustainable recreational and commercial fishing; and to restore marine biodiversity of the Noosa River and Lakes system and Laguna Bay by restoring fish habitats and populations to levels that better reflect past abundance.

Intended outcomes
  • Establish a baseline understanding of the environmental condition and biodiversity of the Noosa River estuary to enable the identification of future declines and associated causes, and to assist in effective estuarine and fisheries management.
  • Develop a suitable method and map of the various human threats likely to impact estuarine diversity in the Noosa Estuary.
  • Provide possible management recommendations and implications to reduce the potential impact of fine sediment throughout the system.
  • Assessment outcomes to be reviewed by Noosa Council for future river management.

Completed in 2020.

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