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Keep on Keeping it in Kin Kin

Project Overview

A Noosa catchment priority erosion remediation program. Phase 2.

The Keep on Keeping it in Kin Kin project continued the erosion repair program to support water quality in the Kin Kin catchment and Noosa river system.

Due to its historical and current land use and geological characteristics, the Kin Kin catchment is the major contributor of sediment to the Noosa catchment. Results of the study undertaken during Phase 1 of the Keeping it in Kin Kin project confirmed significant and serious erosion is occurring in Kin Kin. Such erosion is detrimental to biodiversity, fisheries habitat, water quality and agricultural productivity.

Phase 2 of the project is all about getting on the ground and fixing it.

The project prioritised and implemented strategic on-ground works to protect and repair erosion-prone areas. These areas were identified in Phase 1 by satellite analysis as having mobilised 2.4 million cubic tones of soil in recent years. That’s equivalent to almost 191,284 large dual axel soil delivery trucks or 765 Olympic-sized swimming pools filled with soil. On-ground works will rehabilitate vulnerable soil structures in priority locations.

The project builds capacity and awareness of the problem in the wider community by coordinated community engagement activities. External investment will be continually sought through a developed grant framework. An innovative new water quality event monitoring system will also be trialed as part of the project.

Intended outcomes
  • Extension services to landholders
  • Continued direct management of invasive weeds including strategic cats-claw creeper on-ground work
  • Community workshops and engagement activities
  • Grants framework for futher funding
  • Trial water quality event monitoring system with Healthy Land & Water
  • This initial project resulted in an additional $49,887 federal funding from the Smart Farms Small Grants program to continue Phase 3 of this program of work by Noosa & District Landcare.

Phase 2 was completed in July 2020.

Phase 1 was completed in 2018.

$123,700 $148,330 $272,030 3:1