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Koala Forever Noosa

Project Overview

Securing the future of wild koalas and wild koala eco-tourism in the Noosa Biosphere Reserve.

The Koala Forever Noosa project aims to determine whether vegetation connectivity translates to koala connectivity to ensure safe movement of koalas across the landscape.

In partnership with WWF Australia, this project focuses on vegetation corridors within the Noosa Biosphere Reserve, as well as informing the potential establishment of a functional corridor extending beyond the biosphere – Brisbane to Fraser Coast.

The project contributes to a broader understanding of corridors that are important to koalas in Noosa seeking to inform conservation management and future eco-tourism ventures.

Having completed the Mapping Koala Health study determining koala distribution across the Noosa Biosphere Reserve, the project will build on this knowledge to support practical solutions for management of important vegetation corridors for koalas.

Recognising the importance of habitat, and connection of populations for genetic exchange, this project will deliver practical conservation outcomes as well as opportunities for wild koala eco-tourism.

Intended outcomes

Specific objectives of the project are to establish:

  • Whether existing vegetation corridors are being utilised by koalas
  • Key connected koala populations suitable for long-term non-invasive monitoring and management
  • Key locations for restoring koala and vegetation connectivity
  • Key locations for sustainable wild koala eco-tourism and recreation
  • An initial blueprint for sustainable wild koala eco-tourism and recreation.

Completed in October 2020.

$40,000 $90,000 $130,000 3.2:1