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Noosa Business Solar Case Study

Project Overview

Developing case studies of the Noosa business community’s experience with rooftop solar to increase uptake.

A 2018 report by Dr Rob Passey identified that the Noosa business community had very low take up of rooftop solar when compared with residential (less than 2% uptake in the tourism sector). A following study by The Social Deck identified some of the barriers for this low take up included lack of time to research options, lack of knowledge regarding solar and payback returns, and the split incentive in landlord/tenant situations.

This project seeks to implement Stage 2 of the Roadmap to 100% Renewable Energy project, by focussing on a strategy to increase the uptake of rooftop solar by the Noosa business community. Based on recommendations from previous research, funding for this project would support the development of a series of case studies of local businesses in Noosa which would demonstrate the benefits experienced already by local businesses.

Intended outcomes
  • Development of 10 Noosa business solar case studies representing a cross-section of industry sectors
  • Supporting communication materials, including 3 case study videos and media release

The 10 case studies demonstrate significant financial savings with electricity bills savings ranging from 30% to 100% and payback periods as low as under 2 years. ZEN intends to promote these case studies to other businesses through presentation at local business industry association meetings.

Watch more case studies from local business or visit the ZEN website for more info.


Completed in July 2019.

$10,000 $40,400 $50,400 5:1