Noosa Biosphere Reserve - A celebration of community and environment.

Noosa Hinterland Rural Enterprise Plan

Project Overview

Developing an environmentally and economically sustainable plan for the Noosa Hinterland.

There is limited data on current activities of the Noosa Hinterland on which to base business planning.

Traditional primary production is becoming uneconomic in the region and landowners are unaware of new business opportunities and techniques. New “lifestyle” owners are enthusiastic but need expert support and training. They are a real opportunity to develop the environmental and economic contribution of the Hinterland to the Noosa Biosphere Reserve.

Better informed and resourced rural enterprises can support maintenance and improvement of the environmental standing of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve transition zone. Council planning schemes will benefit from a clear goal for the rural sector.

The overall aim is to foster a range of environmentally and economically sustainable farming and other rural enterprises in a positive Noosa hinterland social environment, integrated with Noosa Biosphere Reserve objectives.

Significant community engagement throughout the project will encourage a vibrant, empowered agricultural community.

The key objectives of the project are to develop a better understanding of rural activities in the Noosa Shire and to provide existing and potential landowners with a prospectus of a range of farm-based opportunities with related revenue for their property. This will include a wide variety of activities ranging from primary production, carbon credits, through to food tourism and accommodation.

Stage 1: Understanding and mapping existing land use, management, and current/future capacity of food production and economic development.

Stage 2: Developing rural enterprise strategies

Intended outcomes
  • Landholder survey and digital mapping
  • Consumer survey
  • Two stage reports
  • Community ‘scenario’ workshops
  • GIS database for project partners

Visit the Country Noosa website for more information.


Completed in September 2019.

$65,000 $139,000 $204,000 3:1