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Roadmap to 100% Renewable Energy

Project Overview

A roadmap to eliminate CO2 emissions arising from electricity consumption in Noosa by 2026.

This project aims to identify the most efficient and cheapest mix of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures needed to eliminate all carbon dioxide emissions arising from electricity consumption in the Noosa Shire by 2026.

The project speaks to the overarching threat to the Noosa Biosphere Reserve – climate change – but it also notes the potential opportunity that a shift to renewable energy generation would offer to Noosa residents and businesses.

This is a project that could be the first step in a very transformative process for Noosa. It will serve numerous purposes in terms of informing the Noosa community about the feasibility of “ZEN” and the opportunities that this new wave of renewable energy investment might present.

Intended outcomes

The project will have two outcomes: the ranking of possible measures, and the opportunity to provide a focus point for community engagement on a zero emissions strategy for Noosa.


Completed October 2018.

$19,800 $20,600 $40,400 2:1