Noosa Biosphere Reserve – A celebration of community and environment

Welcome to the Noosa Biosphere Reserve

The Noosa Biosphere Reserve is a celebration of community and environment. Since 2007, the Noosa Shire has held UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status. It recognises the ongoing efforts of the Noosa community to manage the region’s land, waters and wildlife sustainably, in balance with its urban population and visitors from across the globe. Together, with more than 700 biosphere reserves around the world, we are working towards the global sustainability goals of the Man and the Biosphere Program and Lima Action Plan.

What is a biosphere reserve?

The Noosa Biosphere Reserve is part of a global network of 738 sites in 134 countries, connected under the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. These sites of excellence are learning laboratories, actively using science and research to trial innovative approaches to maintaining a balance between people and nature. Watch this short video to learn more.

Special thanks to Tourism Noosa for creating this #EntertheBiosphere video with us.

Noosa Biosphere Awards

The Noosa Biosphere Awards celebrates the individuals, businesses and organisations implementing local solutions to the global challenges of sustainable development and addressing climate change. Winners are announced at the Noosa Biosphere Gala on the first Tuesday of November each year.

Noosa Biosphere Gala

The Noosa Biosphere Gala is a celebration of people and nature in the Noosa Biosphere Reserve! This year’s Gala theme is Grow for Noosa – supporting the growth of a vibrant and sustainable food and agriculture economy in the Noosa region. Join us on Tuesday 1 November, as we celebrate local produce and growing Noosa’s food future.

Koalas on the Move!

The number of koalas being injured or killed on Noosa roads is increasing each year. Most strikes occur during breeding season when koalas are on the move. Juveniles are dispersing from their mothers to find their own range while others are looking for a mate.
Between July and December, be aware. Drive with care.

Transformational Projects

The Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation supports transformational projects that progress the global aims of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme. We partner with research institutes, conservation groups and community on projects and initiatives that protect biodiversity and enhance the Noosa Biosphere Reserve lived experience.

World Class Reputation

Our biosphere reserve status demonstrates to communities around the world how environmental protection lies at the heart of the Noosa community’s prosperity and success.

Support our work

We celebrate our UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status by engaging, inspiring and facilitating partners and community to promote a balance between people and nature. As Noosa’s ambassador for our biosphere reserve designation, we inspire and facilitate new research and projects that enhance biodiversity and promotes sustainable living in the Noosa region. You can support our work and help us grow seed-funding for projects that protect, preserve and enhance the Noosa Biosphere Reserve.

Our Priorities

Where protection inspires healthy and prosperous communities.

We aim to achieve this vision by working together on big ideas across these key priority areas.


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