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Welcome to the Noosa Biosphere Reserve

It’s about life!

The Noosa Biosphere Reserve is a unique place where people strive to live in harmony with nature – where the delicate balance between humanity and the environment is celebrated and carefully managed.

A biosphere reserve is about more than just our environment: it’s about how our community lives and works within the limits of our natural systems, how we use and care for our resources, and how we can sustain our place for generations to come.

When you’re in a UNESCO biosphere reserve, everyone has a role to play!

Our goal is to thrive sustainably.

About Us

The Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation

We’re a not-for-profit organisation partially funded by Noosa Council, donors and research partners, to inspire and facilitate our community partners to undertake research and promote sustainable living practices in the Noosa Shire.

Study and monitor ecosystems for the conservation of biodiversity

Support environmentally sustainable innovation in economic development

Share information and knowledge to inspire behaviour change that benefits the Noosa Biosphere Reserve

Provide an evidence-base for development decisions that are culturally, socially and environmentally sustainable


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in collaboration with community

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Noosa Environmental Education Hub Project

Grassroots in the Noosa Shire

We’re partnering with Noosa Environmetal Education Hub to help our youngest generations understand that everything we do matters, because that will determine the world that they live in, in years to come.

What will our youth learn through the program?

What will our youth learn?

Knowing our home

Learning about what’s significant about the Noosa Biosphere Reserve because of its geographical location.

Learning limits

Discuss the ecosystems and unique landscapes in our region and actions we can take to conserve what we have.

Treading lightly

The basics of living sustainably: reduce-reuse-recycle, buy and eat local, reduce energy consumption and other ways to tread lightly on the planet.

Business Sustainability

Prepare now to be a nominee in this year’s Noosa Biosphere Awards!

The 4th Annual Noosa Biosphere Awards opens for nominations this July. Now is a perfect time to ramp up your business sustainability or individual efforts in the field, to be recognised as a sustainability champion in the Noosa Shire! Learn more about the Awards and selection criteria below.

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