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Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation calls for Noosa’s next Big Ideas

Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation calls for Noosa’s next Big Ideas

The Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation is calling for Noosa’s next Big Ideas with its supporting grant round opening later this month.

The Big Ideas fund aims to support projects that deliver environmental and socio-economic outcomes for the Noosa Biosphere Reserve, the Noosa Shire.

The aim is to enhance Noosa’s reputation as a place where people care deeply about where and how they live and are prepared to do something about it.

Foundation Chairman, Dick Barnes said ‘big ideas’ do not necessarily imply big budgets.

“Big Idea projects costing less than $20,000 may be approved directly from the Expressions of Interest. Projects over $20,000 will require full project documentation.

Previously approved Big Ideas are still being implemented today and you can view these projects on the Foundation’s website.

The Big Ideas 2017 grant round includes a two-stage process.

The initial stage will call for Expressions of Interest where small projects will be considered. Larger projects that meet the fund objectives will be shortlisted and invited to submit a full project submission.

“The Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation encourages projects to apply that both contributes to the natural environment and which develops our socio-economic structure.

“This distinguishes our fund from the grants already available from Noosa Council.”

The Big Ideas grant round includes a combined budget of around $330,000 with projects being approved before the year end.

The first stage expressions of interest will close 25 August.

“We hope Noosa’s community organisations make use of this funding opportunity for both big and small projects.

“Please take this as an alert to start assembling your big ideas.”

Further details on how to submit your Big Idea will be announced later this month with details available on the website,

Enquires ahead of the round opening can be sent to