Project funding

We support science-based transformational projects by funding research, advocacy and action to foster a healthy and prosperous community.

We are committed to deepening our engagement with philanthropists, governments, universities, business and community organisations to pursue shared goals and solutions.

Since our inception, we’ve been successful in attracting additional co-investment for projects with a 3:1 return on projects we support.

In our three-year term, we’ve supported 13 conservation and socio-economic projects valued at over $2.7 million from an investment of around $900,000 by Council environment levy funds.

Overall Project Investment & Value


Projects have involved joint partnerships with multiple stakeholder groups, scientists and universities attracting additional co-investment to the region.

A new funding arrangement with Noosa Council (effective 1 July 2018) means our role now focuses on championing projects to Council for funding approval, in addition to attracting other funding sources.

Our new funding model and way of working provides an opportunity to bring philanthropists and funding bodies together with scientists to co-create big idea projects for a positive future.

Have a project in mind?

If you have a project you’d like to discuss with our Board, or if you’re interested in discussing investment in a project, contact us.