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Video helps Noosa to understand our Biosphere Reserve

Video helps Noosa to understand our Biosphere Reserve

A new video produced by the Noosa Community Biosphere Association (NCBA) is helping locals understand the significance of our Noosa Biosphere Reserve.

The seven minute video, which was shot and produced in Noosa, highlights the beauty of the region and uses locals to describe the meaning of a biosphere reserve.

Founding president of the NCBA, Dick Barnes says engaging the Noosa community to better understand our Biosphere Reserve and its biodiversity is the purpose of this video.

“This project’s aim is to enhance biodiversity conservation by creating a dialogue with the community”.

The NCBA has been hosting and participating in community events to show the video and discuss people’s level of understanding.

“We ask community members what they already know about biosphere reserves and then compare that understanding after watching the video. The results are very positive.” says Dick.

The project has measured a 90% understanding from community members after watching the video compared to less than 30% beforehand.

“Our hope is that with more locals understanding the value of our Noosa Biosphere Reserve and the opportunities to get involved we will see an increase in volunteer numbers across our grass roots organisations.”

The NCBA secured funding from the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation to assist with the project titled ‘Understanding Our Biosphere’.

Foundation Chairman, Campbell Corfe says it is important that locals understand the significance of our Biosphere Reserve status.

“In 2007 when we first connected with the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere program, the international community recognised the special relationship between Noosa’s environment and its community; this continues today with the work and dedication of many people striving to achieve a wise balance of sustainable living and maximising biodiversity.”

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