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Keeping it in Kin Kin

Project Overview

A Noosa catchment priority erosion remediation program. Phase 1.

Keeping land and waterways productive and healthy is necessary for food production, employment, social wellbeing and environmental preservation. The Keeping it in Kin Kin project is keeping Kin Kin’s soils in place and by doing so improving agricultural productivity, waterway health and water quality within the Noosa Catchment.

The project will harness the latest science and on-ground experience to identify the areas most in need of treatment to protect and improve soil, water and vegetation systems in the Kin Kin catchment.

The Keeping it in Kin Kin project is one of three components of the broader Bring Back the Fish research program, a joint initiative of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation, Noosa Parks Association and The Thomas Foundation. Bring Back the Fish aims to progressively re-establish and restore resilient natural aquatic ecosystems in the Noosa Estuary, River and Lakes system through three key priorities: reducing excess sediment in the Noosa River,  Noosa Oyster Reef Restoration Trial and Biodiversity in the Noosa River. It is also linked to both current and approved Green Army and Skilling Queenslanders for Work Employment training programs being managed by Noosa Landcare.

This project was the recipient of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme Michel Batisse Award for biosphere reserve management. Read more

Intended outcomes

Part 1 – LiDAR Change Analysis

  • Geomorphic change detection
  • Scientific paper development
  • Kin Kin Community Ground Truthing Workshop

Part 2 – On-ground Activities

  • Planting
  • Cats Claw Creeper Survey & Action Plan Development

Part 3 – Project Engagement Activities

  • Workshops
  • Property Management Plans

This project was completed in January 2018.

$74,200 $97,950 $172,150 2.3:1