What we do

Working together on ‘big ideas’ research, fundraising, advocacy and action

We work together with stakeholders to develop big ideas research, fundraising advocacy and action for projects that enhance biodiversity conservation and promote sustainable living in Noosa.

Securing environmental protection, in ways which inspire healthy and prosperous communities, will help us to achieve our vision.

In essence, we support science-based long-term transformational projects that:

  • preserve and enhance the biodiversity within the Noosa Biosphere Reserve;
  • encourage and support sustainable living throughout the community;
  • increase understanding about the Noosa Biosphere Reserve through communication and education; and
  • share the Noosa Biosphere Reserve experience to contribute to ongoing research and biosphere reserve management benchmarks.

Guiding principles

The guiding principles in which we operate:

  • Achieve positive impact on the Noosa Biosphere Reserve.
  • Be informed and guided by evidence and peer-reviewed science and social science.
  • Pursue opportunity to leverage NBRF funds with other stakeholders.
  • Seek evidence that the idea wouldn’t happen (at least not easily) without the NBRF’s involvement.
  • Engage other community actors from Noosa and its surrounds.

Our priorities

Through consultation with key stakeholders across Noosa, including project partners and experts inside and outside the Noosa Biosphere Reserve, we developed four key priority areas – marine, land, wildlife, and people and economy.

Projects we focus on must involve:

  • Iconic environmental assets of great value to the community and to philanthropy.
  • Industries with innovative opportunities to significantly reduce threats to those assets
  • Key issues where we can make a significant contribution in line with our mission, and not duplicate work undertaken by Council or other groups.

For a full list of projects and their outcomes, visit our projects page.