What we do

Engaging, inspiring and facilitating partners and community to promote a balance between people and nature.

The Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation works with community and partners to identify and accelerate opportunities for new research and actions that deliver positive biodiversity and community outcomes for the Noosa Shire.


  • We advocate for a positive relationship between people, nature and a thriving local economy.
  • We connect community and facilitate innovative solutions to local sustainability challenges unique to our region.
  • We support scientific research to gain new knowledge and demonstrate innovative approaches to conservation and sustainable development.
  • We use science and data to inform and influence positive decision-making for biosphere reserve management.
  • We raise awareness and fundraise for key issues close to our community’s heart.
  • We advocate for legislative and regulatory changes relevant to the protection of biodiversity, ecosystems and a sustainable economy.
  • We share knowledge and best practice with other Australian and international biosphere reserves.
  • Our UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status supports our region to stay globally connected to the more than 700 biosphere reserves throughout the World Network of Biosphere Reserves.


  • We don’t have executive power or authority over Noosa Shire Council or any other governing body’s planning or development decisions. The NBRF seeks to influence positive outcomes and decision-making by enabling new scientific research and evidence.
  • We are not community activists. In some circumstances we will support campaigns and community views about projects that don’t align with UNESCO biosphere reserve values and objectives.
  • We are an apolitical organisation. Under our status as a registered charity, we are obliged to act prudently in respect of remaining apolitical in our activities.


Projects we focus on must align with our key priorities of marine, land, wildlife, and people and economy. Specifically, projects should share these goals:

  • Iconic environmental assets of great value to the community and to philanthropy.
  • Industries with innovative opportunities to significantly reduce threats to those assets
  • Key issues where we can make a significant contribution in line with our mission, and not duplicate work undertaken by Council or other groups.

For a full list of projects and their outcomes, visit our projects page.